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Here are a few from my midi collection. It is always growing and right now is about 750 files in length. I am planning on categorizing all of my selections sometime in the future. If you are looking for a song in particular let me know through email or by guestbook. Also- I only download songs/arrangements that I like. Check out my midi links for things that you can't find here. They may be there but I just don't have them because I didn't like them!

76 Trombones
American Pie
All Mixed Up
Baby Elephant Walk
Bells Are Ringing
Blister in the Sun
Blinded by Science
Bohemian Rhapsody
Breakfast in America
Castle on a Cloud
Champagne Supernova
Cotton Eye Joe
Don't Speak
Every Little Thing
Enter Sandman
Fifth of Bethoven (an upbeat version)
Hazy Shade of Winter
Hotel California
How Bizarre
I am the Walrus
Interstate Love Song
Logical Song
Mr Blue Sky
Rascal King
Roll Out the Barrel
Statue Got Me High
Time Warp
Volcano Girls
Wild Wild West
Wrong Way

Don't have a midi player or can't hear anything when you open up my pages? Download one at: