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These are just a few of my favorite links.

Rachel's page- sister's personal page
JP's page- boyfriend's (aka Duck's) page
Jimbo's page- good mate's page
Anton's page- a friend's page
Devon's page- a friend's page
Jester's Realm -page of a chat friend
Xanth Thread- Piers Anthony Xanth Series thread page
Anne Rice- link to page about her Vampire Chronicles
Pirch Download- IRC program that works great
Geocities Homepage Builder- get a free homepage
Dan's page- guy from Wal-mart's page
Tripod Homepage Builder- get a free homepage
Mary's Hompage- my distant cousin (aka knat)
Webcrawler- link to my search engine of choice
Earthlink- my preferred ISP
Titonka Page- a link to the town where JP grew up
Duckies on the Web- pages and pages of duck stuff!!

a must have!

a great radio station

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Please let me know if any of these links are inopperable ASAP. Thanks.