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The Garden of IRIS


This page was made for amusement purposes only. For some reason I just love the net (as do most people) and once I taught myself HTML I was "hooked on homepages" so to speak. I think that it is awesome that you can make a page about yourself that has no rhyme or reason and post if for people to see across the world. Here you will find things that are both informative and useless, but know that they are all important to me in one way or another.

Biography:All about me, my family, and life in general

Midi: A small sampling of my midi favorites from my collection (ever growing!)

Art: Some of my favorite works of art and artists

Hello: Greetings page saying hi to all of my friends and family

Books: Page about my literary interests

Links:, Links to the homepages of my friends and family and all sorts of other random sites

Quotes: Just a few quotes that I like

MishMash: This is were I've put all of the stuff that doesn't fit on any of my other pages

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